We’re geeks. The rare kind. Who have a way with words.

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives today. And yet most people find it intimidating. It’s like the people who build technology, speak a very different language from the people who use their technology.

We’re on a mission to change that.  We understand the technology behind your business. We understand what it does, how it works, and how it can help improve people’s lives. And then we write about it, in a way that appeals to your customers – that they can relate to.

We chose to share our passion for technology through the English language. Because not everyone understands code. At least, not yet.

We’re a small team, led by Richa. She’s a perfectionist. Bordering on OCD. Don’t be fooled by that smile. She once screened through 83 resumes to hire just one person.

At different points in our careers, we’ve also written code in a dozen languages whose names sound like a random set of letters to the uninitiated – C, PHP, HTML, CSS, RUBY, RTL and PERL among others. Combined, our team has a few decades of experience in core technology. Stuff like writing ROM code in assembly, hundreds of thousand of lines of embedded code in C, pre-fab verification on slower-than-snail-emulators, some early Android & iPhone apps, and oh, we’ve also coded websites.

All that just goes to say we speak geek pretty well. And are super efficient at translating it to the more human understandable form – English.

We’d love to help you grow, taking your work, your technology, your business to your customers. How can we help you today?

Note from Richa


I’m Richa. I started TaekniMedia to share my passion for technology and making it easier for everyone to relate to. I believe communication is the key to everything. Any idea, any technology, any product, isn’t worth much if you can’t get others to understand and appreciate it. The web is full of words and articles that you can read a hundred times over, and still not understand what they’re trying to say. I’m doing my bit to make technology more fun, more understandable.

So how did I get here?richa

Prior to this, I managed the Mobile Browser team at Nvidia. And for about a decade before that, I wrote software for embedded systems at some of the world’s best semiconductor firms.

Through it all, I silently fumed about the way we talk about technology. And how disconnected tech folks are from the rest of the world. I also nurtured a dream to be an author one day. After years of having my team & peers tell me I’m a strong communicator, I write well and various forms of

“Huh! I followed this wiki  – and <gasp> it actually worked’!”

“<OMG> There’s a 15 line API description here. And it actually matches what the API really does!”

“Er, who wrote that?! No techie writes like that!”

I decided to pay attention and took the plunge to combine my two passions – technology and writing.

It looks like I found a raw nerve, because soon the demand grew, my clients wanted more, and I was becoming a bottleneck. So I went out searching for a few good men and women, aka the rare techies, who can write well. Who understand, technology, and business, psychology, and the art of communicating so that your message makes a lasting impression. Yes, a very very rare combination. But I got a good bunch!

Thank You!


And while I have the mike, a special shout out to our clients who’ve rooted for us, supported us, and loved us! Thank you! It’s been amazing to grow with you!




A few random things about me you may (or may not) want to know.

  • I hold a Masters Degree in Technology. Actually, I specialized in Communication and Signal Processing. And I was nerdy enough to audit an Astrophysics course so I could write the equations to singularities and white holes.
  • I’ve written ROM code. From scratch. No errors. This was for one of Broadcom’s STB chipsets.
  • My manager once called me the worst code reviewer. Because I always found ways to do it better. Even in my own code.
  • I am a high energy, perfectionist. My challenge in life is learning to slow down. And go easy. On others as well as myself.
  • I’m only 6 inches taller than my son. He’s 6 years old.
  • Once upon a time, I went rock climbing, trekking, kayaking and a few other such -ings. These days, I count walking up the stairs as heavy exercise.
  • Yes, the grey in my hair has begun to show. And I don’t care.



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